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Accomplishments at OCC, September 2022-Present

Teaching at OCC

Emergency hire for Public Speaking - September 2022

  • Excellent student reviews - see adjacent presentation

US History, 1877-1945, Spring 2023 Quick Term

  • Developed new approach to writing the 5 paragraph historical essay by including ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence tool) - see adjacent PDF for handout I wrote.

  • Successful observation from Associate Dean, see adjacent PDF evaluation form.

Completed enrollment data analysis of ARTS 186 Three-Dimensional Design, Summary Assessment Fall 2017-Fall 2022 by November 30, 2022.

  • Work with Dean’s office to identify questions

  • Worked with IR to pull correct data.

  • Had IR pull different data sets.

  • Wrote up draft of assessment.

  • Upon review of data with Dean finalized assessment for circulation.

Wrote up situational analysis of Netflix and the film situation at Fort Monmouth and how it relates to OCC by January 1,

  • Conducted secondary research to get latest updates on Netflix deal at Fort Monmouth

  • Wrote up 19-page analysis

  • Designed and edited analysis for draft review

  • Upon review of report with Dean finalized analysis for circulation

Created six folders of professional development programs on the OCC LinkedIn home page by January 1

  • Worked with Dean of Faculty Development to identify subject areas

  • Researched relevant titles in LinkedIn Learning

  • Compiled list of titles for review with Dean

  • Finalized list with Dean

  • Uploaded all relevant classes in each folder for easy reference

Uploaded 12 videos to Help Juice by February 1

  • Worked with Dean of Faculty Development to identify videos to upload

  • Worked with marketing and communications department to identify process

  • Once comm department uploaded videos to YouTube, I could then upload to HelpJuice

  • Reviewed uploaded files to ensure accuracy with Dean

Facilitate at least two LinkedIn Learning workshops by March 1

  • Developed presentation from scratch - see adjacent presentation

  • Hosted workshop with student success faculty in January 2023

  • Revised presentation based on initial workshop

  • Presented second workshop on February 3

  • Third workshop scheduled for February 15

Other work includes

  • Serving on the Instructional Committee starting in February 2023

  • Creating application form for the OCC Innovation and Creativity grant.

  • Collaborated on three part series on trauma informed pedagogy workshops

  • Worked as a technology ambassador assisting faculty with their classroom computer/IT set up 

  • Created faculty newsletter highlighting upcoming professional development workshops - LINK

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