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Published August 4, 2023 by Business Experts Press, this eighth book by Dr. Michael Edmondson is entitled Nurturing Equanimity: Building A Caring Culture provides a much-needed blueprint for organizations looking to create a calm, balanced, and focused environment inviting people to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.


This blueprint of nurturing equanimity to build a culture that cares is a necessity for any organization concerned about identifying, recruiting, and retaining the human capital required to create a sustainable future in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) marketplace.

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Securing the right people for any organization is difficult in most markets; doing so as the economy emerges from the pandemic induced global recession challenges even the most satisfied workplace cultures. 


Since the spring of 2021, over 35 million Americans quit their jobs. Often labeled as the ‘Great Resignation,’ ‘Great Reshuffling,’ or the ‘Great Renegotiation’ millions of people changed their employment position because they wanted better pay, searched for a more rewarding job, or desired a more flexible work atmosphere. The pandemic’s disruption and residue created an unstable and imbalanced culture across organizations of all sizes and in each industry that exposed numerous negative workplace characteristics many either knew, or never stopped to consider. Examples included low wages, long and unnecessary commutes, bad management, and unfulfilling work.


These characteristics were symbolic of organizational cultures outdated, toxic, and imbalanced created by incompetence, inertia, and ineptitude. The pandemic allowed employees to pause, consider their life situation, and realize their lives had been imbalanced for far too long. Employees renegotiated, quit, or started their own company to remind themselves their lives deserved better and that they could indeed nurture equanimity in their own lives. Required reading for individuals from small-to-medium sized businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, and government offices, Nurturing Equanimity: Building A Culture That Cares offers employers and employees alike a valuable resource to use as they chart a course forward in a post-pandemic marketplace.

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