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Recent research has once again confirmed lowe levels of trust in leadership among employees.

New leadership styles are required in today's VUCA environment for those organizations working towards a sustainable future.

  • Aaron De Smet , Arne Gast , Johanne Lavoie , and Michael Lurie, "New leadership for a new era of thriving organizations," McKinsey May 4, 2023.

    • For decades, organizations were designed and managed for an industrial environment. They were geared toward preserving stability, scale, and predictability with a focus on maximizing earnings for shareholders, and they paid little attention to the broader—often unintended—impact of their actions. Not anymore. Many organizations have recently decided that this approach is ill-suited to today’s complex challenges, and especially ill-suited to the host of societal demands companies must now consider. The table below illustrates the 5 shifts McKinsey believes leaders need to experience.


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